• Ivy Bandana – Makaveli

    Ivy Bandana – Makaveli  Dir. By Nyce GrindSessionFIlms1@gmail.com

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  • KOTD – Rap Battle – Arcane vs DNA

    KOTD – Rap Battle – Arcane vs DNA

    @KingOfTheDot – #BO4 – @905Arcane vs @DNA_GTFOH Hosted By: @OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK & @LushOne #V2R PPV available NOW!!! http://www.KOTDTV.com Sponsors: FanFair - http://fanfair.fm/ G-Shock - http://www.Gshock.com Ploom - http://www.Ploom.com Ephin - http://www.ephin.com SDK - http://www.youtube.com/stompdown Flow 93.5 - http://www.flow935.com/ Sully Wong - http://sullywong.com/ Aspektz - http://www.Aspektz.com Made From King - http://www.madefromking.com/ Trevor D Custom Jewerly - http://www.trevor-d.com/ Loui Dallas - http://WWW.IREPRESENT.CA Lush World - http://www.lushworld.com/ TO Battle Blog - http://www.tobattleblog.com Hip Hop Canada - http://www.hiphopcanada.com Pound For Pound: http://www.poundforpound.co @KingOfTheDot – #BO4 – @905Arcane vs @DNA_GTFOH Hosted By: @OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK & @LushOne http://www.KOTDStore.com http://www.KingOfTheDot.com http://www.Facebook.com/KOTDBattles http://www.instagram/KOTDBattles http://www.twitter.com/KingOfTheDot […]

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  • Rap Battle | Jay Scott vs P Muny | AHAT

    Rap Battle | Jay Scott vs P Muny | AHAT

    Vote for a winner here http://ahat.tv/rap-battles/ahat-prese… P Muny who makes his return to AHAT more than a year after his classic battle with Danny Myers faces CMT member Jay Scott who is coming off of his epic battle vs Dre Vishiss. Like, Comment, Share, & Favorite to support the AHAT Movement, thank you. AHAT has become the dominant battle league from the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world. visit http://ahat.tv for more AHAT videos. AHAT IS THE HOTTEST […]

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  • Xcel vs Brooklyn Carter | TrapHouse NY @XcelDaKid @Brooklyn4Carter @TrapHouseNY

    Xcel vs Brooklyn Carter | TrapHouse NY @XcelDaKid @Brooklyn4Carter @TrapHouseNY

    The main event from our Class In Session card. Xcel vs Brooklyn Carter. Follow on twitter @XcelDaKid @Brooklyn4Carter @TrapHouseNY Related articles across the web REDDOTT vs Block | TrapHouse NY Pro Verb speak on the Wbl n Philly battle rappers FILNOBEPeeps: Shawt Bus Shawties TrapHouse NY Battle: Xcel vs Daylyt SMACK/ URL PROVING GROUNDS: STEAMS vs BROOKLYN CARTER Beyonce Takes Over The World With ‘Mrs. Carter’ Tour

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